Your Business is a sports team and your accountant is your coach.

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    There’s the one that sits on the sidelines quietly offering advice.

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    There’s the one who sits in the stands, knows everything, tells you nothing, and yells abuse when you do something wrong.

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    And then there’s the coach – the player/coach – who’s on the field taking part.

Yes, we are number 1!

Frank are what we call involved accountants

We don’t just do numbers and accounts and tax (although, trust us, we do those and very well). Our job is to understand your business and the environment you operate in. It’s to know where you want to take your business. And it’s to give you the tools, the advice and the occasional prompting to make sure you get there. Without yelling.

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Attention to You

When we take you on as a client you will have our complete attention. You will never be ‘just another set of accounts’. So we will get involved in your business to a detail that you will probably not expect. And when we understand it, then we can really add value. This could be through:

  • Minimising your tax
  • Troubleshooting pressure points
  • Giving better information
  • Helping you make smarter decisions
  • Allocating limited resources more effectively
  • Highlighting cashflow issues
  • Or just being there to answer your questions.

Attention to Detail

You’ll have accurate accounts and timely reports that show a clear picture of your business’s performance. Detail is important. Because if you don’t have those details then you can’t plan. And if you can’t plan then you don’t know where your business is going. It’s good to know where your business is going, we find.

Attention to the real World

All of our people have worked outside of accountancy so we know what it’s like to work in a world where being accountable for decisions made is a given. We take that accountability seriously. Which sort of makes us accountable accountants.

Attention to Technology

As you’ve probably gathered by now we place a high value on having the best information available to inform your decisions. And the best information available is up-to-the-minute, even up-to-the-second. So we use Xero and recommend that you do too.